How to convince one’s international business partner in a negociation


Acquire knowledge of the cultural differences to enable you to succeed in your international business exchanges.


Anyone having to negotiate in an international context

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  • Adopt an intercultural approach
    • Be aware of your own cultural background
    • Analyze a cultural profile
    • Integrate cultural filters –Japanese, English, American, North of Europe, examples
    • Develop strategies for success with international clients

  • Identify the context of the negotiation
    • Understand the context and how much you understand of the other person’s reaction compared to Kohls’ iceberg
    • Assess risks and opportunities
    • Measuring the impact of cultural differences
    • Be explicit about your goals

  • Constitute an international culture
    • Be informed and find documents to adapt yourself
    • Observe and understand the environment
    • Capitalize on your knowledge and experience

  • Preparing an international negotiation
    • Learn to be observant to understand the logic of the other
    • Be acquainted with Hofstede’s 6 dimensions
    • Analyze their strengths and weaknesses
    • Identify the right person to do business with
    • Be aware of your communication, body language, verbal and non-verbal communication

  • Understand the negotiation process
    • Describe the five stages of negotiation
    • Know how to prioritize and support
    • Check understanding

  • Defining an effective strategy
    • Delineate roles: leader, follower or partner
    • Manage time right, following the international context
    • Adopt the right attitude: from resistance to cooperation
    • Have a second option ready just in cas

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